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Outdoor Succulent Care Resources

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Outdoor Sun Protection

If you keep your plants outdoors, there are days when they need to be protected from intense heat during the hot summer months. And if you’re like me and you live in a very dry, sunny location, you might need sun protection all year long. Shade Cloths are used to help block out intense sunlight and to prevent sun damage and sunburn. These are for plants that need some protection from intense heat, full sun, or during a heatwave. 

NKTM Sunblock Shade Cloth–This is an affordable shade cloth that comes with grommets and is easy to use.

Alion Sunblock Garden Netting Mesh–this comes with ropes and is ready to use.

Sun Shade Sail Fabric Canopy—If you’re looking to put up a shade to protect that one spot in your outdoor space that receives too much sun, this sun shade comes will come in handy. 

Cold and Frost Protection

DeWitt Frost Cloths provide protection from the freezing temperatures or frost. They help prevent cold air from coming in. The cloths need to be held down by objects such as rocks to keep them from being blown away. Frost cloths can be stored and reused the following year so they are a good investment.

Agfabric Warm Worth Frost Blankets are used too wrap around taller, bigger plants for  frost protection.

Gardman Mini Green House–Small-scale, easy set up. A small, portable greenhouse for small plants and tight spaces. Will provide frost protection for succulents and other plants

Quictent Pop Up Greenhouse–an easy to use, eco-friendly pop-up greenhouse that will protect your plants from freezing weather conditions.

For Moisture Control and Measurement

Moisture Meters are handy gadgets that measure the humidity of the soil. If you are always unsure whether to water your succulents or not, these are useful tools to help prevent over or under watering your plants. Here are 3 moisture meters for around $10 that come highly recommended.

Sonkir Soil 3-in1 pH Meter

iPower Soil 2-in-1 Soil Test Kit

Dr.meter Hygrometer

Compost Bins

Compost bins are containers used to collect and store compost ingredients in an enclosed  and secure environment. Compost bins are used for sanitary reasons. Composting bins come in a variety of different sizes, features, designs and costs. They can be purchased from a hardware store or online.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bins –1.3 gallon capacity ideally for indoor use under the kitchen counter

Tumbler Composter provides an easy and efficient way to compost. Tumbling design makes it easy to mix and combine compost in a clean and mess-free way.