About Me

My Story on How I Got Started With My Succulent Obsession Collection

Like most people I know, I had trouble keeping plants alive until I discovered succulents. From the moment I purchased my very first succulent plant, I was hooked. Back then, I had no idea what succulents were and had no clue how to care for one. But despite all this, my first succulent survived and thrived. That led me back to the store searching for more of these plants. This began my succulent journey that has brought me to where I am now. This doesn’t mean that I have been able to keep all of my succulents alive. I’ve still managed to kill some of them, but have kept most alive. A huge part of this is because these plants are just amazing at surviving no matter what’s thrown at them. So if you’re struggling with your succulents, don’t be discouraged.

Growing succulents has been such a fun and rewarding hobby that’s turned into so much more. This website is a collection of my research and things I’ve learned over the years and continue to learn. I am a mother of two residing in Northern California. I worked for 18 years as a registered dietitian and has recently taken a break from working in the healthcare field to pursue other passions and goals. It’s really been such a pleasure and joy to be able to create content that can help others along their journey with growing succulents. Thanks so much for visiting my site. Happy gardening!