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Where To Buy Succulents Online Resource Page

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Where to buy succulents online? You probably prefer to purchase your succulent plants locally. But if there’s a particular plant you are looking for that you cannot find, or if you are thinking of purchasing in bulk for a reasonable price, these are some online sources that come highly recommended. You can find rare, hard to find succulents and cacti, or even leaf and stem cuttings. The selection seems endless and the prices are reasonable, with dependable shipping.

The Succulent Source Cuttings–The Succulent Source is a family-run operation. You can buy succulents in bulk as well as cuttings, accessories and rare cultivars. Shipping is also reasonable.

Leaf & Clay–you can purchase individual succulents or in bulk, as well as leaf and stem cuttings. They have a subscription to receive monthly deliveries.

Succulent Box have a lot of rare selections. Check them out to see if you find anything that catches your eye.

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